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Welcome to Puppiesbreath!!  Our family has been raising puppies since 1993 simply as a backyard hobby.  Through the years, we have furnished many families with wonderful, loving pets.  Now we want to share pictures and information with all of you.  We specialize in Goldendoodles, and sometimes have a litter of Standard Poodles or Golden Retrievers.  Look around and enjoy your visit!

Penny and Sandy handing off a 12 week old puppy to it's new owner!

I am Sandy pictured here on the left and Penny is on the right.  Around 2002 Penny and I decided to make it a joint endeavor to raise Goldendoodles.  I had previously raised Golden Retrievers with my son when he was young but seeing the popularity of the Goldendoodle with the shedding problems and health issues diminished we went out and purchased our first Standard Poodle.  Winnie the Poodle.  Winnie lives with Penny but she is now retired from our breeding program.  I built our website and things just took off from there. A few years ago Penny started our Facebook Community page where anyone can join and post pictures of their dogs they have purshased from us.  We now sell most of our puppies before they are born and its not uncommon for a whole litter to be spoken for before they are conceived.  Word of mouth is our advertisement thanks to all those who have purchased a puppy from us.


Meet Betty,  Betty is our lightest AKC registered Golden Retriever.  She is also our largest female.  She has a celebrity in her lineage.  Betty's great grandfather was used in the Dirt Devil commercials a few years ago.  Cool  Betty is very layed back female.  As a puppy she seemed a bit lonely so we bought Lucy to be her puppy companion.  As it turns out Lucy has always been the boss over Betty.  As the girls grew older we found that Betty was a better fit at Penny's house with our retired females Maggie and Winnie so Betty now lives with Penny.  

Lucy with her best friend Smokey

Lucy pictured here with her best friend Smokey is a happy go lucky loves everybody dog. She is our darkest female AKC registered Golden which we consider almost red.  She is a very loving sweet dog.  She lives on Sandy and Larry's 20 acre farm and is primarily an outside dog.  Lucy has the run of the farm with access to the garage for rainy days and bad weather. 

Babette a black AKC Poodle with Champion bloodline
Fifi an AKC cream Poodle from Champion bloodline

Pictured here are our two sisters Babette and Fifi.  They are AKC Standard Poodles who come from Grand Champions bloodlines.  Both girls are just as sweet and smart they live in my house,  Babette is more active then Fifi so she spends part of her day outside playing with her son Jack.

 Standard Poodles are very devoted to their masters.  Standard Poodles, for the most part, do not shed.  They are hypoallergenic for those who have allergies.  We have found that with our Doodle puppies this has held true for them as well.  The Poodle has been used as a show dog for years but the original use of the Standard was for hunting.  Like the Golden retriever they have the soft touch with their mouth so when they retrieve, they do not crush the catch.  You can leave the hair of a poodle or a doodle the same length all over creating more of a shaggy dog look.  Other people enjoy the many special cuts and styles that many groomers do.  A Standard Poodle's hair grows just like a humans so you would need to groom them from time to time even if you did decide to let their hair style be more natural.  This holds true for the Goldendoodles as well.  The hair on the Doodle usually slows or stops growing at about 8 inches long.
Jack with his coat cut off!
Jack an apricot male AKC Standard Poodle

  Jack is one of our own puppies now all grown up.  Jack was born on February 21, 2013.  Jack is an Apricot AKC Standard Poodle.  Jack is an awesome Poodle with a well rounded personality taking on the best traits of both of his parents and is now our big man on campus.  

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Sam an AKC Golden Retriever


Meet Sam!   Sam is an offspring from two of our retired Golden Retrievers.   He has a beautiful red coat and gets along with all of the dogs which is a real plus and he loves to be with his person all day long.  He spends most of his days haying the fields or sitting with the elderly if not entertaining a puppy or two!  Sam belongs to one of our neighbors who is a wonderful friend that takes care of our dogs when we need to go out of town. 


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