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Welcome to Puppiesbreath!!  Through the years, we have furnished many families with wonderful, loving pets.  We have 25 years of experience simply as a backyard breeder. We love our dogs and they are our pets who live each day with us in our homes. Look around and enjoy your visit to our website.  You will notice we are down in numbers with only one female Babette. 

Penny and Sandy handing off a 12 week old puppy to it's new owner!

I am Sandy pictured here on the left and Penny is on the right.  Around 2002 Penny and I decided to make it a joint endeavor to raise Goldendoodles.  I had previously raised Golden Retrievers with my son when he was young but seeing the popularity of the Goldendoodle with the shedding problems and health issues diminished we went out and purchased our first Standard Poodle. I built our website and things just took off from there. A number of years ago Penny started our Facebook Community page where anyone can join and post pictures of their dogs they have purshased from us. 


Babette a black AKC Poodle with Champion bloodline

Pictured here is our AKC Standard Poodle Babette.  She comes from Grand Champion bloodlines.  She is a sweet smart lovable companion.  Babette is considered a Blue because she has a blue glow to her skin.  She throws off black, sliver, all shades of cream and light sades of red.  Her silver puppies are always a surprise because they are born black but start turning silver around 7 to 8 weeks of age.  Some of her puppies are pictured on our website.  Babette lives with Penny with one of our retired Golden Retrievers. 


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Sam an AKC Golden Retriever

 Meet Sam!   Sam is an offspring from two of our retired Golden Retrievers.   He has a beautiful red coat and gets along with all of the dogs which is a real plus and he loves to be with his person all day long.  He spends most of his days haying the fields or sitting with family if not entertaining a puppy or two!  Sam belongs to one of our neighbors who is a wonderful friend that takes care of our dogs when we need to go out of town. 


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